Life’s what you make it

Life’s what you make it

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Hi all,

Guess what? Today is a fantastic opportunity for you. In fact tomorrow is going to be even better. Actually just scrub that; let’s make your whole life tip top, ship shape & soooper doper!

Starting today, you are on par with me, you & in fact every successful living person you know. Level playing field, starting line stuff, being equal to everyone you look up to & respect. Have I gone nuts?

No, you see this morning we all started off with the same amount of time, 24 hours. In fact, by the time its finished we will all be at the finishing line together, ready to start all over again….& again…. & again….

You see time is the one thing that is equal for us all & a few weeks back I was telling you to appreciate that you have time to succeed in trading & now we need to look at those magical 24hours that we all have.

Firstly, how do you wake up? Do you spring out of bed, refreshed, raring to go, ready to face the world head on, cheerful, optimistic?… maybe?… some days?… actually me neither.

You see, I’m one of those people that we say “not a morning person” which means I get up (eventually!!) head to the bathroom, get ready, move around the house like a really slow dinosaur until I eventually get to the mancave & life starts.

So, if I’m trading really well then the first part of waking up can’t be strictly true? Or perhaps, I’m missing some vital piece of information?..

Whatever time you get up, the clock is ticking for that 24hour period – you either use it or lose it. Now, you are probably scratching your head now as a few weeks ago I was saying, chill man, you’ve got all the time you want to make it in trading, whereas now I’m saying, yes.. that’s still true but I want you to think about using the time more efficiently.

When was the last time you studied time management? Sure we can all make to do lists & use outlook calendars etc. etc.. but have you ever considered time management on yourself? For example, how much time have you devoted today to reaffirming your goals?, studying charts?, trading?

The challenge we face as traders is that negativity is EVERYWHERE. TV, newspapers, friends. Family, failed trades, emails, radio… but what do you actually do to get rid of the weeds of negativity in your own life?

Going back to my example of getting up in the morning, what I didn’t tell you was that within 10mins of getting up, I have already read at least two pages of a self-development book. By the time I get to the mancave, I have read a chapter. In my 15mins prep time prior to taking first trade I have revisited my goals & reminded myself of my I’m doing this.

That’s all by 9am.

If I get to the gym that day, in pops my iPod & more motivational stuff going in, again, I have 30mins or so of either use it or lose it time.  What about “throne”time?…no need to elaborate here but you get the gist of what I’m saying.

So we can take our time in achieving success in trading but make sure you use the time you do have effectively. Don’t waste it.

One of my favourite writers is Jack Canfield & he has written over 100 books… that’s right over 100!! My first question was how? How has he managed to write that many books in such a short timespan? I want to know, in fact I demand to know.

So I emailed him. That’s right, I asked him directly.

I didn’t get a reply… from him, but I did get a reply from his office who informed me that he was really busy but the answer to my question was that he spends one hour a day writing… every day. Da dah… 100 books later. So now I know & all I have to do to replicate his incredible achievement is the same. By the way, any future emails are now answered by my office staff as I’m real busy….

So now we know that you have time to make it in trading & now the realisation to use time effectively otherwise it’s gone so let’s apply this to trading.

Instead of just staring at charts all day long what if you got focussed?… real focussed? Perhaps spending the morning session trading & then the afternoon is dedicated to 1-2 hours of analysing screenshots then 1 -2 hours of demo trading plus a break to read a chapter of a book?

Evening trader? No problem as you probably have time during your day to read a chapter of a book or listen to your iPod (on the commute perhaps?) or what about actually taking your screenshots to work with you so you can spend the lunchtime analysing? Then in the evening is your trading session.

All these examples are is effective use of the time you do have.

So this weekend make a pledge to demand more from yourself & demand more from life as it really is what you make it!

Until next week, have an amazing weekend & I’ll see you at the top!



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