I see you baby

I see you baby

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Not quite “shakin that ass” but isn’t it amazing?..

Seriously amazing.

Just stop & pause for a moment & think about what I will say next.

The screen in front of you can potentially unlock your world. All the ingredients are there just waiting to be mixed together correctly. Cash, property, flash cars, fast women/men, no debts, holidays, trading on the beach with your laptop wearing Piptastic speedos….

Ok, maybe not the last one but you get my gist. Basically what I’m saying is that the screen right in front of you can change your life. That’s real power.

So, we have a tick in the first box because I think we all agree that the potential is there for anyone but why does it only happen to a few.

Just imagine all of us on a coach trip. We are all sat in the seats, having a good old laugh, chinwagging about the good ol days of eighties music & discussing last nights telly…. But wait, who’s this joining in with us?…

The coach driver!…

Here we are, at the back of the coach (because whoever got the back row was kool) & where’s our driver- he’s only at the back joining in the laughter!! We ask in a panic “what the hell are you doing back here”…

“it’s ok, the coach is fitted with one of those fancy autopilot thingys… I can even go to sleep behind the wheel if I want…”

Phew, that’s alright then…

Let’s pause the Betamax there… what are the odds of someone actually saying… “I’m not avin that… I’m off to grab the wheel”

Including me to be first in the queue because I would prefer to be in my own hands.

Yes, the smart people are probably grinning right now claiming then why do planes have autopilot..

I say, well why do airlines train pilots for years, pay them loads & stick them in the cockpit with the autopilot.

Bottom line – WE are responsible for moving forward whether its driving flying or trading. Most if not all full time traders will have taken an off the shelf system & made it there own. They learn to roll with it, when to trade it & when not to, how many pips to take, when to let it run. A bit like a pilot flying through a patch of turbulence really, they guide the plane through it using their skill & judgement.

Brilliant Damon! You are so on the mark I hear you say but wait…

The next key is how do you really make a system/method/ strategy your own?

That, my friend can only come with time, after all a person does not become a doctor, surgeon, pilot or even learn to drive a car by reading a manual.

You see, making a system your own takes time. In fact it requires at least 6months in order to tune yourself in with daily observations, demo trading, record keeping, analysing.. & then the loop starts all over again when you spot something that you don’t like or doesn’t work.

Most people are not that patient.

And that is where a lot of the challenge lies in trading.

It’s not the screen in front of you that is stopping your goals becoming reality, it’s the individual.

Master yourself & the rest is a walk in the park.

Until next week, have a great weekend & I’ll see you at the top!


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