(Video) Free Pivot Point Calculator

(Video) Free Pivot Point Calculator

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Each trading day I use an MS Excel spreadsheet to calculate the pivot levels that I want which makes life a lot easier than going to a pivot calc website & having to input the data market by market!

I’m happy to share my spreadsheet with everyone however please note that I am not an excel programmer nor will I offer any ongoing support for this spreadsheet. I have recorded a video which¬†shows you how exactly I personally use this spreadsheet each day & if there are any changes or updates to this as time goes on then I’ll record another to reflect these changes.

Please click here to download your FREE trading pivot point calculator or right click & choose “save as” to download.

(Please note that this is an MS Excel file so will require either MS Excel or a program capable of opening MS Excel files)

Ensure you watch this short video which explains how I use this spreadsheet each day as there a couple of little tweaks you need to be aware of.

Hope you find the spreadsheet useful!



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