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In the early stages of most peoples trading “career” we experience some good trading results which is mostly followed up by some pretty dire results as you gain an understanding. At this point we enter what we can refer to as “the dip”. This is the area where most of our trading skills are either developed or you make the decision that trading isnt worth pursuing.

In this episode we’ll be discusing the evolution of a trader as well as looking at a key qustion from the week.

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Trading & Chart timeframes is often a very hotly debated debated topic in trading. Ask any “Swing” Trader their opinion of the 5min timeframe & most will pull a face before informing you it can be the worst thing to do. Yet, there are many notable & well publicised lower timeframe traders so why all the confusion? I believe in trading that there is no “one size fits all” timeframe or type of trading, after all success in trading can be achieved on any timeframe provided the trader themselves has a solid trading method. What it potentially boils down to is a traders psychological approach to the market. Some will fine the longer timeframes too slow whereas others will find the lower timeframes too fast.
In this episode I’ll be exploring this issue in addition to answering a selected email question that has been sent in by a fellow trader.

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Theres any uneasy belief in home trading that its all down to your trading method that will determine your success or failure in trading. Whilst that may certainly be the case in your early days of trading you should still cast your focus towards self development.
In your early days of trading then your trading method certainly is the most important factor to nurture & refine until it is providing you with a regular source of profitable trades however once you start increasing your stakes then you will find that psychology & your self development become even more important as you will ultimately be doing battle with your own inner emotions.

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Many people start off in trading just knowing a small handful of markets to trade & most of the time are pointed in a particular direction by their chosen trading educator or author. Whilst this can serve a good purpose in the initial stages of your trading career it can also limit you to the potential faster moving & more lucrative markets.
In this episode I’ll be discussing the various markets, market sectors & where to find the faster moving markets with the lower spreads in order for you to get ahead in your trading.

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Welcome to the brand new Piptastic Weekly Podcast!

I am delighted to formally announce the start of a brand new FREE weekly podcast where each week I’ll be discussing various areas of trading which will make a positive impact on your trading.

Also, in upcoming episodes I’ll be answering questions sent to me by traders like yourself so everyone can hear my response thus giving you even more trading information to drive yourself forward.

The episodes will be weekly & released each Friday so stay tuned & watch out for our forthcoming debut on the iTunes store where you’ll be able to subscribe & receive your free weekly podcast as soon as its released.

In this weeks episode I’ll be giving you an introduction into what you can expect from the weekly show & also your usual weekly tips on how to move your trading forward, helping you achieve your goals.

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Hi everyone!

It’s nearly Christmas so time for a small “gift” in the form of a podcast & hopefully this will give you some food for thought as to what you can be doing over the holiday period. Please feel free to either download it here (right click & save as..) or listen to the podcast via the play button below.

In the meantime, I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas!