Meet Damon Elliott – Founder, Piptastic! Trading

Damon MSofficeDamon is a full time home trader, writer & of course a trading trainer. He is married with three children living in the South of France.

Having a background in the financial services industry certainly developed the fundamental aspect of trading however, upon realising that success in trading takes a bit more hard work than the usual holy grail systems, Damon set about his learning after suffering what he describes as a “horrible” setback. In doing so, he was able to learn, experience & replicate what professional traders were doing to make money in the markets & once the financial crash came to the UK, Damon was able to achieve his dream & move into the realms of full time home trading.

Having traded successfully for a number of years & having trained countless others to do the same, Damon’s philosphy is very clear; there is no shortcut & there is no holy grail however, hard work, determination & clear goals WILL allow you to achieve your dreams. In short;

“Trading is a lifelong marathon, not a 30 day sprint”

About Piptastic! Trading

Piptastic! was formed by Damon Elliott at the start of 2009 with the sole aim of helping people earn a living in home trading.

Via the Piptastic! membership scheme, live trading room & personal coaching programs, it have helped many people achieve full time trader status across the four corners of the globe; from United States to Australia, Japan to Canada, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Germany, France, Ireland, Iceland & of course, the UK amongst many other countries. Everything we do is driven by results as this is the single most important factor of why we do this.

Throughout 2009, Piptastic! evolved into becoming one of the most talked about & exciting things to happen to the home trading market for years. The manuals quickly became best sellers on ebay & remained as one of the best selling trading manuals throughout the entire year.

By late 2009 Piptastic! once again broke new ground by opening a Live Trading room, something that very few within trading are prepared to do. The Live Room proved to be an instant success & for many who combined the educational resource of the members site with the Live Room, success came very quickly.2010 saw the launch of our trade training course held in our very own dedicated training centre in Milton Keynes.

As before with the manuals, the courses have the aim of becoming the best training resource on the market, all focussed on delivering results to every single person. Every course to date has succeeded in at least one person achieving full time trader status.

Our original goal was to help at least one person achieve success in trading. This was achieved a long time ago now but we continue to strive forward, setting the highest possible standard in training for home traders & of course, continually delivering results to help you achieve your goals in life.


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